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                                                   "Evolution"           Cover art and track list

 1. Evolution

 2. Sail Away

 3. Forever Yours

 4. Round Round

 5. Crying Man Blues

 6. Even So

 7. Don't Write to Me

 8. I Love You Rag

 9. Satisfied

10. I Could Not Take My Eyes Off You

11. Little Piggies  



Front Cover - The Lizard was drawn by my daughter Courtney in June 2000, when she was 14. It is a pen and pencil crayon drawing on paper, originally 9 inches tall and 12 inches wide. She graciously allowed me to use it for the front cover of the CD, even though it meant squishing the width proportions to fit. This image was scanned directly into the computer, then adjusted to make the front cover.

Back Cover - This is part of a batik wall hanging created by my son Graeme in 1998 when he was 10. The original is paint and wax on cotton and measures slightly less than 3 feet square. The image was videotaped, then loaded on to the computer, where it was manipulated to leave room for the credits on the back cover.

Many thanks to both my children for creating art that fit so perfectly into the theme of the CD, Evolution.