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 Recording at the Underground Recording Studio


Last updated December 20, 2022 


 Welcome to my web site for acoustic folk/swing/reggae/country-blues-and-grass music. We call it "acoustic-roots swing-grass" music. 


The Underground Recording Studio:  I have a lovely 3 room studio in my very quiet and comfortable basement, which is called the "Underground Recording Studio". If you are interested in recording, contact me and check out the "Underground Studio" link below. I do audio and video recording, editing, mixing and mastering with more than 25 years expereince. I charge $28/hr for all services, making it affordable for anyone who wants to record their music in a quality studio.


Check out my Youtube video channel, with many songs and some performance videos. My latest video was posted December 2022, titled "If I Could Live in My Lover's Eyes". A romantic acoustic song, not on any album. Find it here: If I Could Live in My Lover's Eyes - YouTube     Click the "Web Links" button above to be guided to my main Youtube channel.


November 2020: Hey! Check out the Bear Country Jukebox of 24 great fiddle tunes recorded right here in the Underground Studio! Their weblink is here:



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For information about   Recording     or about    CDs,     click on the picture of the one you want:


      want to record at the Underground Studio?                             "the Family of Man"  (2009)                     "Evolution" (2007)               


Want to licence my songs or get instrumental versions of many of my songs? Please see the "Song Licencing" page for details.


January 2021:  I ran across this Youtube video link to my solo set at the Tongue On the Post Festival in Medicine Hat Alberta in 2012. I didn't know it was posted until now: